How to Get Cleaning License in California?

If you are enthusiastic to start a cleaning company of your own and you have done good research to know how to start a cleaning business from scratch in California, you are all set to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Your first step should be to get a license to operate as a cleaning business, so start with the details at USPTO website (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), where you can check and make sure that the business name that you want to use is not taken by someone already.

Yes, this may take a bit longer, because you may find every other name that you can think of is already taken. Or it may be a matter of minutes, because your business name is something out of the box and nobody else could think of it.

Next and final step is to register your cleaning business name with the State of California. To do that, you may visit the California Secretary of State.


You must know that your company needs to apply for the business registration and complete all the formalities involved. Some of the basic decelerations that you need to do is Wastewater discharge permit, Fire code permit etc.

The procedures involving obtaining a cleaning license in California is easy. You just need to provide the basic details of your business and ensure that it is properly equipped with staff and infrastructure. If you are having a business insurance the process becomes very easy and also prevent inevitable risks.

As employee rights and satisfaction play a crucial role in California, your business should meet the expectation of not only the customers but employees as well. The revenue law of the state is quire strict. Thus, all the guidelines should be followed thoroughly.

These simple steps mentioned above will be quite helpful in assisting you for getting a cleaning license.

As people are becoming too much busy, starting a cleaning ideas makes lot of sense and I am certain that by following the above simple steps you can get started with your own cleaning company in California without any hassle.

Good luck.

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