Everything $10 Gift Shop in New York; Will it Work?

In my opinion, it’s a big YES!

New York City is the city of opportunities, big businesses, enterprises and everything seems so glamourous to the external world. But, let’s look at both sides, NYC where it has a huge population with high income, is also home to a big numbers of low income people.

No matter, whatever income group one belongs to, celebrating events with gifts and presents is loved by all and so everyone loves to exchange gifts on various occasions.

Considering this fact, a gift shop where everything is $10 or low can be a great business in New York. And yes, even if you cannot build a physical one, setup an online store and start it today!

If you happen to explore the small business ideas for New York City, you will find this one as a quickest and most handy option, especially starting it online.

Yes, you may be concerned, that since, it’s only $10 everything, you may not be able to make any good profits. But, buying from the right place can help you make most out of it!

When it comes to buy your inventory wisely, you must look for some awesome new goodies at Alibaba.com and DHGate.com. Buy cheap in bulk, have awesome packaging and sell it to those whom it matters!

Moreover, you can also encourage buyers to buy more with bundle offers, loyalty discount, referral discount and so on!

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Aliza Hudson (9 Posts)

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