DedicatedNode; a Reliable Web Hosting Service for Small Businesses

You may find dozens of web alluring hosting offers when you are searching for a reliable and robust web hosting service, but choosing the best is really tricky and time-consuming. Large businesses can afford hundreds and at times thousands of dollars each year on dedicated hosting or virtual private servers (VPS). But small businesses and individuals (freelancers/professionals/bloggers) have limited budget and so, shared hosting is one cost-effective option for them.

When you’ve a limited budget, finding the best shared hosting is a daunting task. Honestly speaking, the most popular shared hosting services are neither budget friendly, nor they are as efficient as they claim. So, the best way to find web hosting service (especially when you are on tight budget) is to read the fine print, i.e. the web hosting service reviews. But again, when it comes to read the reviews, beware that the review is not a sponsored article. Mostly paid reviews are biased and so are misleading.

This article is also about a web hosting service review and certainly it’s not a paid review. We’re proudly hosted by, and the purpose of this article is to spread the word about this service to all those small businesses and individuals who are looking for reliable web hosting service on budget.

Let me start with our very own story; we moved to DedicatedNode because the previous host had frequent down time and server was too slow. We found DedicatedNode at Web Hosting Talk Forum, where they were running a promotion and we selected the service based on following criteria:

1- Budget: Yes, this is actually budget friendly. Moreover, the promo code entitled us further discount, which made the package way too budget friendly. I am not sure, if they have the same promotion valid till now or not, but you can always ask them about current offers, the support is extremely efficient (I will discuss it further later).

2- Features: Everything from Disk Space to Bandwidth, cPanel/WHM, Scripts, etc. meets the industry standards.

3- Uptime Guarantee: That was the main reason for us to move the website to new server. Though there’s no way to check uptime guarantee of a web hosting service until you use it at first, but let me tell you a trick to know it even before signing up. Check the online support, the faster and more accurately they answer your queries, means the more optimized solutions this company is providing. And yes, for DedicatedNode, it’s Thumbs Up!

4- Support: Efficient support is a must for a web hosting company to keep its customers growing, because the company will grow when the customers will grow. In case of their support, it was probably the most professional response we got from a web hosting company so far. Due to old server instability, server migration was way too laborious for the cost of whole order, but still they went beyond the promised service to help us.

If you know your hosting needs well, do check with them; whether you are looking for shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers or dedicated servers, they have it all!

Aliza Hudson (9 Posts)

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