Being Original is the Only Way for Your Bakery Business Survival

“Be Original”

Well, these two words might seem like very generic advice, but they worth a million dollar, especially in bakery world. Let me tell you very honestly that you cannot survive in the bakery business if you’re trying to sell copied ideas.

You may be able to make some money for a short period of time, but it’s not going to be a success in long run for sure. So make sure that your bakery business plan is based on an original idea.

“Be the best, the first, or the only one baking the kind of treats you make,” says Michelle Green a successful bakery business owner who started baking when she was a teen.

So, in order to be original, you must have to know what kind of competition you have in your area/target market and then sort out a solution that’s better than the competitors, it can be some new recipe, better price, or more value of money in some way. Remember that offering something original gives you a competitive edge, hence makes marketing comparatively easier and less risky.

Here are some of the awesome ideas keeping originality in the baking business.

  • Michelle Green’s bakery which is the only one that sells nit-free cupcakes.
  • A Mobile bakery that sells on truck in different locations during lunch hours.
  • A custom cake bakery that delivers the cake exactly at 12:00 midnight to wish the birthday person.

The above are just what I could think of in an instant, but when you know what type of bakery is the best option for you, what are the preferred choices of your target market etc. through a comprehensive research, you will find hundreds of unique ideas for your bakery business.

Amber Wood (6 Posts)

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