B2B Content Marketing; How to Do it More Effectively?

According to a latest research sponsored by Brightcove and conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 62% of B2B marketers in North America say that compared to one year ago, their organization’s overall approach to content marketing has been much more or somewhat more successful.

The crux is that content marketing is proving to be one of the most effective B2B lead generation ideas. In fact, the above is just one of the findings of the Content Marketing Institute’s research.

Here’re the factors contributing to effective content marketing campaigns as discussed in the research.

Other than asking B2B marketers about the factors that made them successful, the survey also asked them to identify what they are doing differently than their peers. And here are the two things that top performers are doing differently:

1- Top performers deliver consistently; 85% of the top performers deliver content consistently, compared to 58% of the overall sample and 32% of bottom performers.

Just to be clear, “consistently” doesn’t mean daily or weekly, rather it is defined as serving the purpose and going consistently with the flow of customers’ requirements, i.e. repurposing content can be a great way to do this and integrating email marketing automation with your content marketing can help being consistent in outreach expansion.

2- Top performers focus on measurement; besides being committed, realistic, and delivering consistently, the top performers are also found to keep a continuous check on content marketing progress. Of course measurement is key because it enables you to understand what is working and focus on what is creating a return.

I hope that the findings of the research will help you run more effective content marketing campaigns while minimizing the risks associated with small business marketing.

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