8 Marketing Blogs Every Startup & Small Business Marketer Must Follow

Social media, blogs and other new trends have taken the small business marketing in an entirely different direction which is more effective yet challenging. Well, this is not the end, and the marketing industry is constantly evolving, as there’s a constant change in consumer behavior, communication patterns and available choices.

Every small business and startup must also keep up with this evolution process as it’s the only way of survival. To keep up with the latest trends, new techniques, methods, effective marketing strategies for startups and success stories, you may want to get actively involved in seminars, meetups and workshops, but you may also not have enough time to catch up with all of them.

There come marketing blogs; yes, there may be hundreds of them out there, but following some influencers mentioned below can be a game changer for your startup.

Check out the list, and I am sure, you’ll find them highly valuable:

  1. MarketingProfs to stay updated with industry trends, topical overviews, or professional development.
  2. HubSpot Blog; though they are more popular for their software and primetime marketing conference, Inbound, they have tons of useful content beyond the products & services.
  3. Kissmetrics: besides having highly valuable insights on topics Kissmetrics’ infographic library is a complete visual roadmap for complex marketing practices.
  4. Hootsuite; they don’t just make social media marketing easier for you with their service, but also help you with complete social media education to market your brand effectively.
  5. Seth Godin; he’s probably the wittiest man in marketing and his short, highly digestible posts are great way to learn marketing.
  6. Moz: A must follow blog for all those startups and small businesses that wish to drive search engine traffic to their website.
  7. Marketing Land; where you find digital marketing and tech development together.
  8. Duct Tape Marketing; if you’re a new startup, want to know how to garner your first consumer base and grow from there, this is the place to start with.

Remember, marketers are only as proficient as what they learn tomorrow, and following experts writing on these blogs is a great way to know “what’s next”.

Aliza Hudson (9 Posts)

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