7 Ways to Create an Effective Email that Subscribers will Love to Read

Email marketing is more or an art and a science, as it involves careful measures while you establish your email list, create proper subscriber segments campaigns, and personalize the user experience. But as you are done with the basics and you have a properly segmented mailing list, the next phase is more fun when you are preparing to construct the email for your campaign.

Always remember that your email should bring a positive, healthy, joyous and value creating experience for your subscribers, as I discussed in some of the email marketing best practices.

The best email marketing for small business includes creating emails based on the above factors. Such emails will surely be loved by the readers. The more people will open it and the better brand image you will develop.

Here are four important things you should remember when creating the email:

  1. Keep your subject line to 40 characters maximum, because this is the limit human eye can focus at once.
  2. Make sure these 40 characters tell them what your email is about. If they cannot find interest in your 40 characters, they won’t open it.
  3. Do not overwhelm your email list with promotional emails; make sure there’s something more interesting in between two promotional emails.
  4. Promote contests and giveaways in your campaigns in order to reconnect with inactive subscribers.
  5. Send subscribers a poll or survey to find out what type of content they’re most interested in.
  6. Make sure that all your email marketing campaigns have a responsive design because more people open your emails on phone. Do check out this guide and infographic for building a responsive email design in your next marketing campaign.
  7. Use a clear call-to-action button embedded in the email, so people can easily access your site or take the action that you want. Make sure to have an alternative in case of text emails. i.e. clearly mentioned copy/paste a link.

Try these out and I am sure, you’ll find it improving.

Samuel Adams (5 Posts)