3 Ways to Do Better & Result Oriented Email Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, email marketing is considered as the most effective one for both B2B and B2C services. It will not be wrong if we say online marketing as an “evergreen marketing channel”. But keep one thing in mind that email marketing is not as easy as it looks, you have to analyze user behaviors, make proper planning, have to use latest technologies and follow new trends; after that you will be able to streamline your marketing campaign.

Firstly user behavior transforms due to number of changes in market trends, user needs and their budget. Moreover make proper plan for your email marketing using latest technologies and following new trends. When you are done with data collection and customer analysis, after that you will be able to predict customer’s behavior and will be able to change their buying decision.

Now let me tell you about 3 ways that can improve your email marketing as well as let you know about analyzing customer’s behavior.

1- Build a Double Opt-in List & Keep Reviewing it:

Always go for double opt-in subscription for your marketing campaign. Don’t think so that not much people will open your link and subscribe to your brand but believe me that those who will subscribe to your brand will be potential buyers. So, it’s better to get some potential buyer rather than a list non responding people.

Also keep your list clean an updated. Remove people from the list who have note opened 15 emails.

2- Send Segmented and Personalized Massages:

Rather than keeping a big list, segment your list into chunks, i.e. people looking for marketing related content, looking for fundraising etc. Its better not to send a generic message to all, try to send different tailored massages to diverse segments of your mailing list according to their location and area of interest.

Try to grab the attention of the audience by personalizing your email with a simple start of recipient name in the beginning of the email. This will make fewer chances that your email gets ignored.

3- Consider Creativity in Content & the Timing:

A lot is dependent on content of your online marketing techniques and same is also applied in case of email marketing. Try to come up with some creative email content to make your audience engaged by adding questions, Emojis, Ideas, Alerts in your subject line and keep the massage simple and easy to read.

Try to send email at different time to check response and sending email that works best for you will be the game changer for you. You can split your campaign in different hours and can find the perfect time slot that suits you.

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