3 Best Low Cost Business Ideas for New York City

Any business idea can be worthy and can make you successful if it’s as per the specific needs of the people and in the city like NYC there are hundreds of business ideas that can be valuable to the folks of NYC.

The City is home to number of startups and some of the big names like Tumblr, Foursquare, Shutterstock are also based in NYC. Many of the newbies in the business industry had gained traction and growth in a short period of time.

Keeping this in mind we have listed down 3 best business ideas for NYC that are economical as well as according to the needs and demands of people.

1- Home cooked food delivery:

Since NYC is very advance in terms of technology and people have very busy life and most of the folks have to take lunch at office and time limitation doesn’t allow them to go out. So, you can treat people buds with a freshly cooked homemade food during the lunch hours at work. Moreover, you can offer them daily, weekly or monthly package and delivery the lunch every single day.

2- Day care center:

As people are getting too busy in their professional lives that they don’t have much time to take care of their kids and their main concern is the safety and security of their kids. Thus, you can provide them with an option of day care center, where you not only keep them save but also teach them a lot of good things.

3- Dog walking:

Most of the people of NYC are having pets and utmost every other person had a pet dog. Dogs love to go out in the natural environment and their daily walk is must. However, busy schedule make it difficult for some people to take their pets out and this is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself as dog walking service provider.

Bianca Rivera (2 Posts)