12 Free Online Marketing Courses to Boost Your Business

Whether you are an online marketer working with a startup or small business or doing it as a freelancer, constant learning is a must in order to drive results. Luckily, we are living in an age, where learning is just a few clicks away. All you need is to take some time out of your stringent schedules for learning and skills development.

In case if you’re freelancer on a quest to know how to start an online marketing company, you must know the fact that up to date knowledge and verified skills are must haves for a solid market entry!

Since, internet itself has opened education and intellectual stimulation to anyone with a scholarly spirit, all I need to help you with is a list of free online internet marketing courses that I believe you must take.

Here goes the list:

1- WodrStream’s PPC University

2- Google Online Marketing Challenge. 

3- CopyBlogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People

4- DS106: Digital Storytelling and Social Media.

5- HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification.

6- ALISON Social Media Marketing Diploma

7- MIT Strategic Marketing Measurement

Multiple Courses from Udemy:

8- Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy

9- Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course 

10- Google AdWords 101: Get More Customers with Search Marketing

11- Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

12- Social Media Online Marketing Courses 

In case, if you are not a budget constraint, you may also wish to take some paid courses from Udemy and MIT, which are actually worth taking. But, I would suggest trying free courses as a must.

With a free course, you save lot of startup budget, especially when you’re going to run your own online marketing company. Moreover, a free course can give you a fair ide of whether or not to pursue a paid course from the same institution!

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