10 most Popular Business Types in California

California business environment is as good as it’s climate and the good thing is starting a business in California is much easier than you think; you just have to file few basic forms with California Secretary of State and you will get your business registered with in couple of days. That’s the reason you will find millions of small business in this state to fulfill the needs of the biggest population.

I have collected some data to find out the top 10 most popular business in California.

1- E-Commerce:

There are thousands of e-commerce companies working in California, with a workforce of around 55,000 as online business is much easier to start and cheaper to set up. Revenue is much high in this industry as around $950,000 is earned by each employee.

2- Education Business:

Education business is privately owned by many companies that provide studies in fine arts, athletics, languages, driving instruction and dance studios. Around 6,150 of this kind of educational supplementary are working in the state, employing around 67,500 people.

3- Shoe store:

Some of the most popular footwear companies in the world are based in the state of California. There are more than 3,000 footwear stores employing around 26,000 people.

4- Beauty Services:

California is the home of thousands of stylists, barbers and manicurists hopping. There are approximately 12,500 businesses of this kind in the state, the second-biggest beauty industry on the top 10 list.

5- Gas stations

The state has around 8,000 gas stations, with about 54,500 people working in the industry. As car culture is deeply entrenched in the state, so the gas station business is among the popular in the state.

6- Wholesale electronic trade

There are about 4,800 wholesale electronic market firms in the state employing 35,400 people. As an $80.5 billion industry, it’s the most lucrative type of business in the top 10.

7- Real Estate Rentals

Leasing properties business is in demand in California. The state is thickly populated in the nation and is expected to grow to 44,085,600 people by 2030. So, this business is among the top in the list.

8- Secondhand retail business:

California holds approximately 1,900 secondhand retailers, which employ about 17,200 people. This type of business includes secondhand items such as antiques, used appliances, old and rare books and secondhand furniture. It can really be a lucrative opportunity if started and managed well.

9- Electronics and appliance stores

This business comprises sale of household appliances and electronics like refrigerators, TVs, computers, etc. California had around 5,645 stores that employ 57,405 people.

10- Non-instructional educational support

There are more than one thousands of these types of businesses in the state of California, which provides entirely non-instructional facilities that support education systems to work like educational counseling, vocational counseling, testing services and curriculum development.


Hope you find my article informative, and it would have given you an opportunity to evaluate some most popular small business ideas for San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California that you can start on budget.

Aliza Hudson (9 Posts)